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Director of Organizational Strategy

YAPAL was a second home for Grace from the very beginning. Having never found a space where her identity as an Asian American conservative was fully integrated, she immediately recognized that this community of motivated and passionate individuals was one that she would invest in wholeheartedly. 

As a second-generation Chinese American, Grace was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised by hard-working parents who not only lived the American Dream to the fullest, but also instilled in her an appreciation for the tremendous opportunities guaranteed in this country. After spending a few years in Cary, North Carolina, Grace’s family moved to Hong Kong in 2013, where they lived for two years before transferring to Shanghai. Her experiences living abroad in China further renewed her gratitude for America’s constitutionally-granted freedoms. 

Having grown up in a Christian household, Grace’s faith has played an integral role in shaping her belief in the importance of protecting life from conception to death, exercising personal responsibility, and safeguarding family values. Since transitioning to college, Grace has become committed to combating anti-Americanism and standing up for free speech on college campuses. She is a strong advocate for restoring balanced and constructive dialogue on our nation’s democratic history and bolstering the United States’ esteemed place in the world. 

Currently a sophomore at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, Grace studies International Politics with a concentration in foreign policy. She is the Communications and Marketing Co-Chair of the Student Leadership Council at the Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service; Director of Communications for the student-run politics podcast “Fly on the Wall;” and Director of Communications for the Georgetown University College Republicans. She has previously interned at the National Republican Congressional Committee and is presently involved in Republican campaigning.

Grace graduated with highest distinction from Concordia International School Shanghai as President of the National Honor Society. Throughout high school, she also had the honor of serving as Captain of the Varsity Tennis, Varsity Track and Field, and Forensics Speech and Debate teams.

Grace is an avid tennis player and coffee-drinker. In her free time, she enjoys going on scenic runs, exploring cities, and reading in small cafes.

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